Giant Meteor 2016


I have a Facebook friend of a friend.  If you are an avid Facebook user then you know the random unknown person that has a common friend and adds you.  Well this guy is my friend’s (actual friend, that is) gran tio.  I have never met the guy or interacted with him.  But you can tell from his Facebook that HE’S WITH HER!  He posts about twenty to thirty times a day his pro-Hillary or anti-Trump posts.  It’s his Facebook and he can do whatever he wants.  Over the last several weeks he’s been posting a tag line with his political propaganda – “Make sure you are register to vote.”  Then he posted a full tirade on voter registration one day and how important it was.  I decided to interact with him on this.  I asked, “What if I am not voting for Hillary?”  He responded, “Oh, then I don’t want you to register to vote.”  Even though the answer was expected I was still saddened by it.  I commented back and thank him for his frank honesty about suppressing my vote.  I thought the comment might enlighten him through shame.  He didn’t even flinch.

I am not a Trump guy.  When Trump announced his candidacy last year I knew right away he did not represent me.  After having worked for millionaires who made out like bandits but never raised our pay (or, in many cases including my own, cut pay instead) I can’t imagine a billionaire being much better.  And I have never been in the liberal ideology camp so I wasn’t with her (nor did I feel the Bern).  Essentially, we have nothing but bad choices this year.  So I am in the Giant Meteor camp.  Earlier this year I endorsed Pinestraw.


And a month ago I endorsed Abraham Lincoln Riding A Bear While Holding The Constitution And Brandishing An Assault Rifle


If you want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN then vote for your guy.  If you are with her then vote for your girl.  Unlike my Facebook friend of a friend I believe that you should vote for whoever you want.  As an American I will exercise my right to vote too.  But we have four bad choices here.  Between Hillary and Trump neither have our interests at heart.  I think Trump is looking to make money by shaping laws for his business while Hillary is looking to do the same by peddling influence.

I am worried about us as a nation.  We have become so ideologically split that we hate each other more than the enemies that look to do us harm.  If you think people are mean now wait until November 9th when half the country is pissed off that the election didn’t go their way.  I hope we can pull ourselves away from this brink of madness but I fear that we are past the point of no return.